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Shanjid Siddique and Jurists is one of the leading corporate and commercial law firms of Bangladesh, we have a bulk of corporate law matters to service on a daily basis. Several local and international clients wish to seek legal advice on the feasibility of incorporating a company in Bangladesh and the subsequent formalities, solicit our service.

It is important to understand that Corporate Law is a large area of legal practice, with far-reaching repercussions to the Company and its Directors, Shareholders, Auditors, and even employees. Thus, all the documentation including the articles of association, memorandum of association, shareholder agreement should be well drafted and must incorporate the real intention of all parties in order to mitigate the future dispute.

Our team work with corporations to make sure all of their transactions are legal by providing advice on their rights and obligations. Essentially, we work to make sure corporations are making decisions that provide the most benefit while remaining legal.

Being one of the leading Corporate and Commercial law firms, we provide to our client’s written legal opinions on various legal issues, and draft as well as review contracts/agreements which enable our clients to manage their business free of legal wrinkles.

In the past few years, our team of lawyers have successfully represented various companies and individual shareholders in a variety of legal disputes before the District and Sessions Court, High Court Division, Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, and were successful in obtaining the requisite reliefs/remedies from the competent authorities as well as out of court by entering into amicable settlement through mediation and negotiation.


Apart from advising and representing on contentious company law matters before the Courts, we also offer “tailor-made retainers” that may better suit your company. In retainer arrangement, our firm is engaged on a monthly fixed amount. These are provided at efficient costs and dealt with by senior lawyers. To read more about our retainers, please click here.

Business Startup Services:

Many of our clients find our Business Startup package most feasible for their needs. This includes:

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