List of Top Law Firms

Shanjid Siddique and Jurists is ranked by renowned directories and journals amongst the top law firms in Bangladesh. As a leading law firm, we strive to provide an unparallel experience to the clients when they visit the chambers for legal advice and support. The commitment and dedication that the lawyers provide in Shanjid Siddique and Jurists to each case regardless of its financial value or importance has taken the law firm at a new height in terms of goodwill.

A law firm which values confidentiality of clients

Client confidentiality is one of our key priorities, and as a result, most of the leading companies of the country entrusts us their financial and commercial matters on us. The advises that we provide are subject to legal advice privilege and are not disclosed without prior approval of the client. Even the firm maintains a strong policy in discussing with print and electronic media regarding a case and refrains from making public disclosure of facts, documents or decision of court without the consent of the client.

The law firm that measures success by the satisfaction of its clients

As a law firm that has been rendering legal services for more than three decades, we consider that it is the client's appreciation of us that matter and we measure our success by their feedback and recommendation.

A law firm that strives to deliver results

When our lawyers embark upon dealing with a case, they focus on delivering a result to the client that will fulfill their requirement and expectation within the ambit of law.

Savings costs

Shanjid Siddique and Jurists endeavors to achieve results for the client at a most affordable rate and we consider that it is the right of the client to know how the fees that he has paid has been expended and whether there is any other means to achieve the same outcome at a more reduced cost.