Constitutional and Administrative Law

The Firm provides advise and representation on enforcement of fundamental rights by means of judicial review or writ petition under Article 102 of the Constitution before the High Court Division. In addition, the chambers provide support in filing of writ petition concerning unlawful eviction and demolition of structures by the Government, service matters, banking, auction, customs, land survey tribunal, labour court and public interest litigation.

Our lawyers are acclaimed for their role in the society as a defender of human rights or human rights advocates.

We conduct writ petitions or judicial review proceedings in the High Court Division on a broad range of areas:

  • Action or decision taken by the executive in violation of fundamental rights of a citizen

  • Eviction or lock down of premises by the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK), City Corporation or government authorities

  • Demolition of buildings

  • Dismissal, transfer and other disciplinary measures taken against public servants or unfair discrimination in service

  • Registration and disputes concerning executive body/governing body of trade associations, voluntary organizations and co-operative societies

  • Appointment, dismissal of teachers and staffs and withholding of MPO benefits in non-government schools and madrasah

  • Withholding of freedom fighter's allowances or exclusion from the list of freedom fighter

  • Election disputes, both national and local government election

  • Auction of mortgaged property by banks and financial institutes and orders passed by Artha Rin Adalot

  • Labour Court and Labour Appellate Tribunal

  • Refusal to deliver passport

  • Refusal to grant or renew environment clearance certificate, fire safety clearance, trade license or approve building layout plan

  • Anti-Corruption matters

  • Illegal and arbitrary imposition of holding tax by the City Corporation or other local government authorities

  • Illegal harassment by law enforcement agencies and government bodies

  • Disconnection of electricity, gas, water and other utility connections

  • Non-renewal of lease of vested property and jal-mahal

  • Appointment of Mutwalli and sale of waqf properties

  • Land Survey Tribunal

  • Public Interest Litigation

  • Writ of habeas corpus and quo warranto