Civil Litigation and Conveyancing

We are the law firm that deals with all kinds of land dispute, mutation/ namzari, injunction, compensation for land acquisition, eviction matter, sale permission, cancellation of registered deed, execution of power of attorney, baina-nama, cancellation of power of attorney, release of land from vested property list and abandoned property list and correction of record of rights/ khatian.

Shanjid Siddique and Jurists is one of the leading chambers for civil matters. We file and conduct civil suits which include suit for declaration, permanent injunction, suit for specific performance of contract, money suit, correction of records and suit for pre-emption. As we are a litigation-oriented firm, we conduct civil trial, civil revision and appeal hearing with utmost dedication and commitment. Apart from this, we advise and represent our Clients before concerned government authorities in relation to their land related issues which encompass office of Assistant Commissioner (Land), Additional Commissioner (Revenue), Land Appeal Board, Land Registration office and City Corporation, RAJUK and pouroshabha offices.

In addition, we provide one-stop service in conveyancing which include:

  • Sale and purchase of land and other real properties

  • Mortgage of properties

  • Rent or granting long-term lease of properties.

  • Vetting of land documents for purchase or mortgage

Civil Lawyer