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Shanjid Siddique and Jurists is one of the leading law firms in Bangladesh. The law firm is headed by Barrister H M Shanjid Siddique and Advocate A H S Rashed.

The law firm currently has 13 (thirteen) experienced and skilled Advocates, Barristers and legal consultants as Associates Lawyers .

The founder of the law firm, Advocate A H S Rashed, has experience of 35 years in the legal profession and has an earned an outstanding reputation as a litigation expert in the Magistrates Court and District and Sessions.

As a full-service law firm, it serves individual clients and corporate bodies with high professionalism and dedication. All the lawyers maintain strong professional ethics and fully commit themselves to the Bar Council's code of conduct.

The firm adheres to certain values which involve the right of a client to being aware of the merits of the case at an early stage, informing the client about the legal weaknesses of his/her case to reach a firm decision about initiating a legal action, not charging any legal fee if the client at the first consultation decides not to proceed with his/her claim or suit, to charge a minimum fee based on the service rendered in a case which in the opinion of our lawyers has less probability of succeeding in court and to maintain a strong commitment and proritizing deadline regarding work schedule and maintain a long-term relationship with our clients.

We provide advisory and litigation services in the following areas of law:

  • Constitutional law

  • Administrative Law

  • Contract law

  • Corporate and commercial law

  • Criminal law

  • Property law

  • Intellectual property law

  • Admiralty law

  • Tort law including personal injury and medical negligence

  • Law of trust

  • Company law

  • Income tax law

  • International trade law

  • Law of the sea

  • Refugee law

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution involving arbitration, conciliation and mediation

  • Real Estate and construction law

  • Aviation law

  • Labour and Employment law

  • Law of succession or inheritance law

  • Law of banking and financial institutions

  • Insurance law

  • Securities and stock market law

  • Islamic law

  • Family law

The law firm provides a range of legal services from advisory to litigation.

The chambers have specialized lawyers who have developed their skill in their areas of interest which assures a comprehensive legal service to the client.

We render the following services to our clients:

  • Criminal and civil litigation in the Magistrates Court, District and Sessions Court and Supreme Court of Bangladesh

  • Writ petitions or judicial review matters in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh

  • Conducting leave petitions and appeal hearing in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, which encompasses Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation

  • Vetting of property documents

  • Providing legal opinion, legal notice and reply to legal notice

  • Negotiating settlement on behalf of the client

  • Company registration

  • Filing applications under the Company Act, 1994 and moving in the Company Court of the High Court Division

  • Preparing documents for share transfer, rectification of objects clause, annual return filing

  • Vetting commercial contracts and providing opinion

  • Filing cases in the Labour Court under the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006

  • Registration of trademark, patent and design

  • Conducting suits for violation of registered trademark, design or patent

  • Drafting and registration of Power of Attorney deeds

  • Assisting in obtaining registration of title deeds and other conveyancing documents

  • Legal services regarding divorce or talaq under the Muslim law

  • Lodging of First Information Report or General Diary in the Police Station

  • Drafting human resources policies for companies and corporate bodies in light of the labour law

  • Incorporation of foreign companies, opening bank account, obtaining work visa, VAT and income tax registration

  • Filing of personal income tax return

  • Conducting suits for maintenance, dower money, child custody and guardianship

  • Legal research

  • Conducting internal audit of companies regarding compliance with labour and employment law

  • Filing and conducting of suits in the Admiralty Court

  • Filing and conducting of cases in the Administrative Tribunal and Administrative Appellate Tribunal

  • Filing and conducting of cases in the Land Survey Tribunal

  • Obtaining of trade license and environment clearance certificate

  • Formation and registration of trust, foundation, charities, NGO and voluntary organizations

  • Service of summons in Bangladesh issued by a foreign court