Labour and Employment Law

Labour and employment law is one of our key areas of practice.

Barrister Shanjid Siddique is considered as one of the experts in the labour law in Bangladesh. He has acquired significant experience by advising and representating MNCs and large public limited companies in relation to their labour and employment law issues. In addition, Mr. Siddique regularly advises HR of different companies in ensuring compliance with the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006. We provide the following services in relation and labour employment matters:

  • Vetting of employment related contracts

  • Advising clients in relation to work place safety for workers and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and rules in offices and factories

  • Filing and contesting cases in the Labour Court and Labour Appellate Tribunal under the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006 on behalf of workers and employers.

  • Filing and conducting of civil suits against unfair dismissal, recovery of accrued salaries and benefits, compensation for work-related injuries and death for workers not subject to the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006.

  • Filing writ petition before the High Court Division against ad-interim order of the Labour Court or judgment/decision of the Labour Appellate Tribunal.